I make combs for Natural Hair and need your help!

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I make combs for Natural Hair and need your help!

Post by CarbonAR » Thu Apr 12, 2018 6:06 pm

Fam, first, I want to make clear that I am looking for ideas. Honestly would love to get some of your thoughts...

As Carbon-AR, I am small company that is proud to hand make a beautiful wood combs (IG: 6carbonAR). The goal was to make a USEABLE pieces of ART that would be family heirloom quality, honoring Natural Hair. The base of the comb is super strong vertically pressed Bamboo, with that we laser cut symbols or Artwork we've made as part of the comb assembly.

So far people love the work, they love the product, it sells reasonably well, it works; the combs are fully functional and don't break, I've gotten rave reviews, I've set up endorsements with some Big Hitters, etc. I'm just running out of ideas on who to talk to in a way that will expand this brand and make it what it could be...

I've been experimenting and searching (that's how we got here!) and it just feels like I haven't figured it out;

Where should I be Online?

Who should I be talking to?

What sites would you expect to see a product like this ( I did give up on FB due to a few issues) ?

I don't want to be in every place/ shop in the world but it feels like I'm missing something and I'd love to have a good discussion on what I may be missing and how to get this product to the people who want it...Please tell us your thoughts!

Thanks in advance!

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Re: I make combs for Natural Hair and need your help!

Post by Cientxa » Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:40 pm

Can you upload a picture of the comb? Is it just for detangling? I will have been finger combing my hair for three years in August. I found combs too damaging for my natural tangles. The only implement I use occasionally that does as well as my fingers detangling is the black TangleTeezer for thick and curly hair. I use it for backup when I have left my hair in a protective style more than a couple of days without detangling.
I would like to see if your product looks like something I would try.

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