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Covering Gray With Henna and Indigo

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 3:07 pm
by Cientxa
I have not been using henna and indigo very long but the results are wonderful. I thought I would share this if anyone is thinking or wondering about indigo with henna. I am gray at the temples and nape of my neck. I tried henna to cover gray several years ago and gave up because it did not darken my gray effectively even after layering over time.
It turned out I was using a henna that was more for conditioning than color since I learned that a true dark henna should turn blackish when wet after a time test, Mine was a very dark green and never got darker than that.
Well, I recently lucked up on a premium henna that turned blackish, and a indigo that turned blue-black. The henna mix can sit over night but the indigo needs to be added to it no longer than 30 minutes before applying since the color peaks around 30 minutes and loses strength after that.
My gray edges are now caramel color streaks that blend nicely into my darker hair. I like the highlight effect.