I've started creating stuff..... These results are amazing.

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I've started creating stuff..... These results are amazing.

Post by beautywithbrains26 » Sun Oct 25, 2015 3:39 pm

Oh my god... I think my hair is starting to actually like me?

Okay. My hair is nORMALLY behaves. I haven't had any bad mishaps with any products. I think my hair is just really desperate and needy lol. It just gets dry all the time -- if it isn't wet, it feels like it isn't moisturized. Period. No product has really been able to help my hair stayed moisturized. I've tried to LOC, LCO, blah blah blah, but I ALSO have low porosity hair so it's hard to get moisture in and plus my hair never really felt it it absorbed the layers of products -- my hands did.

SO, I felt inspired from this video:

And I decided to make my own deep conditioner. Now. I did basically everything the same ion the video but instead of using the 1 cup of a traditional, moisturizing conditioner, I used coconut milk. I don't know why, but I have a strong philosophy when it comes to conditioners -- leave ins, deep, and ones meant to be washed out as soon as it's in. I don't comprehend the idea of using a normal conditioner and jazzing it up to make a deep conditioner. Maybe because I'm an AP Chem student but I feel the normal conditioner has proteins and such that binds to the hair as soon as its applied to add moisture, and then it's meant to be washed off once done applying. Those proteins are MEANT to be washed off in a few minutes because since they bind to the hair shaft to perform their maximum potential, those proteins aren't meant to be left on longer than the suggested time! I feel it would damage the hair. I know a lot of people do this and it works for them but I have personal belief that in the long run, this would majorly backfire on me. ANYWAYS, I subbed the conditioner with coconut milk, and her Peppermint Tea Tree Oil spray for rosemary oil. It's th only essential oil i have and I love it.

So, I followed the instructions (she mentions in the video that the went way over with the measurements and I agree, if you're using it for one time it is. But I knew this, and I wanted to save the rest, so I continued)and the consistency was full on liquid (due to the coconut milk) so I was like hmmm no. I put 2 pumps of the Shea Moisture African Black Soap Conditioner (this doesn't go against my philosophy --- I use this as a prepoo, and it even says so on the bottle you can) and it made no difference so I put it in my container and threw it in the fridge (to preserve the banana -- I didn't want it to go bad overnight) and I woke up and it thickened to the perfect consistency. SO really, make this the night before so it can thicken. I prepooed with coconut oil and the conditioner I mentioned before. So I woke up, washed it out and double shampooed with Amla Legend Moisture Remedy Shampoo(I've done this my whole life and I put a lot of leave in conditioner all day since it's dry when it isn't wet, so there's a lot of product buildup anyway) and then applied this.

I put on a shower cap and a towel (it got really drippy once I applied it so I wrapped the towel around the shower cap) and left it on for about an hour (I forgot about it). I went to wash it out and it felt moisturized BUT I love the film conditioner leave on the hair when you wash it off so I used a literal, true dime size amount of the Amla Legend Moisture Remedy Conditioner. And washed it off as soon as I put it on. THEN, I felt like doing something different. SO I looked through the back of my hair shelf and rebound the Taliah WaaJid Protective Mis Bodifier spray that I liked a little so I was like schmurrr let me try it. I used that to detangle. Then I used olive oil to seal (this is my attempt at an LOC method even though I know it won't last on my hair, as I've explained above) and then I used this DIY Crisco Creme as a sealer (link to make it: http://napturalnicole.com/2013/05/03/pr ... r-sealant/ I used rosemary oil instead of the lavender). My hair felt pretty normal afterwards. This was the lightest application of the LOC I've ever had. It felt like how it did when I got out the show as if I didn't put layers of stuff on it. SO I was like whatever, and let it dry. I reached up to touch my hair and wanted to cry.

mY HAIR IS SO SOFT AND MOISTURIZED RIGHT NOW. I honestly don't know if it was the deep conditioner, or the crisco creme, or the taliah waajid stuff but I believe it was the deep conditioner! I've used the crisco creme and the tallish stuff before (not together) and they produced fine results0 but that plus this deep conditioner?? OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS. Let's see how long my hair remained moisturized after being dry. I'm so happy I've started DIY-ing a few things!!!

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