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Detangling Natural Hair

Posted: Tue May 08, 2018 3:45 pm
by Cientxa
I would like to share an experience I had this weekend after using henna on my hair. I do not use a comb to detangle or style my shoulder length natural hair. I don't use the term finger comb because it isn't descriptive of my technique. I smooth my tangles by guiding my hair between my thumb and palm from scalp to ends. I said all that as an intro to what I discovered after doing a henna color treatment.
My hair was very dry after the henna application because I left it on too long (fell asleep). From past experience I knew that I had a problem ahead trying to detangle an angry shock of hennaed hair that had been left overnight. I decided not to detangle it after rinse out. I proceeded as if it had been detangled and and applied my product on super thick and separated my hair into halves. Wound each side into over-sized bantu knots and let my hair absorb the product. I put on a plastic cap for an hour. When I rolled out the bantu knots, my hair had absorbed lots of moisture and had enough slip to smooth out tangles and hair fall.
So after shampoo, just apply product, section hair in halves and pin up. Let product absorb into hair for 30 minutes or more. This step is critical if you are dealing with hair that has become drier and harder to handle than usual. It adds extra wait time but that is time that would be lost wrangling with excessively dry unmanageable hair any way.