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Cornrow Braid Style

Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2018 4:08 pm
by lizzygam
Hello! II want to get myself cornrows , but I heard such braids are very limited since hair grows out and it won't look as good. . Despite the fact that I'm half black, I never tried any "black hairstyles" before because growing up my white mom wouldn't let me and say they're ghetto. But now I'm going to be a new me and it's always good to be adventurous and try things different.
A little more info on my hair: It's type 3C fine hair, with low porosity, and unknown density (I think it's low too but not 100%). Also my hair is a dry mess at the moment because I've been too lazy to moisturize and probably doing something wrong in general anyway since it dries quickly, especially in the back of my head. Do I have to do something before heading to the salon to get my braids done or is that not necessary?