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Precious baby hair.

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 8:10 pm
by hairbliss
I think the best way to grow our hair type is to start with the children! Many black babies are born with very soft curly hair that IS growing and for some of us our parents made excuses for why they should be aloud to shave a baby's head but I don't think any of us WANTED our baby hairs to go away. In my family my siblings and I were all born with curly hair that was growing but our parents shaved it and it grew back nappy. Obviously the best way to keep what we had is to not ever shave a new borns head and I may not be able to fix that for myself but cant we fix the whole next generation by saying it will stop with us! And i believe if I dont get good karma in this lifetime I will not have to deal with this in my next life☆
And we can stop this for generations to come and save the planet.♡